About Coba.

The Maya ruins at Cobá are unique and one of the most beautiful Archeological Zone in the Yucatan Peninsula, and only a few of its estimated 6,500 structures have been uncovered, but the ones that have been are graceful and impressive.
On these quiet and peaceful Maya land it´s hard to imagine that Cobá may have once had the largest population of all the ancient Mayan cities. This vast Mayan archeological site dates from 600-900 A.D. and there were an estimated 100,000 people living in its domain. It was the heart of a large metropolis composed of many cities within the eastern Yucatan.
You can learn a lot about the ancient Maya in the architecture of Coba's pyramids and buildings situated on the shores of several lakes. As many as fifty sacbes or ancient roads, led into this big Mayan city center, one of them over 62 miles long, probably the longest in the Mayan world. Today few people live in Cobá, leaving one to ponder how such a great city fell into complete decline.
The steepness of the Nohoc Mul pyramid (Is the tallest in the Yucatan at over 126 feet) and the building techniques employed here are characteristic of the Peten region of Guatemala. There are many stories that indicate a ruling queen here married a priest from Tikal, which has the tallest Mayan pyramid. This may be the explanation of why the architecture of this two sites are similar.
If you Climb the 120 stairs to the top of the Grand Pyramid at Coba the effort will be well worth, because while you are Standing there you will be able to see the jungle canopy for miles, unexcavated temple mounds peeking above the trees.
The small temple building which crowns the pyramid has two small carvings that are known as a ¨diving god¨ over the door. There are many theories about the meaning of these curious carvings, which are also found in Tulum. They have also been called ¨the bee god¨ or ¨the god descending¨ and have been associated with the planet Venus.
If you go on an early morning and walk through these extensive ruins in the jungle, you can see numerous species of birds, butterflies and animals, even the occasional spider monkey. Large ceiba trees intertwine with ancient stonework. The sounds of the jungle are incredible and sound as an entertaining symphony. The beautiful natural setting of Cobá is a pleasure that deserves to be explore.
There are many Tours and Excursions that go to Coba from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya, that is the best way to visit Coba due usually includes: Transportation, Guides Certified in Archeology, Entrance fee to Coba, Lunch and most of the tours also visit other places like Mayan communities, Caves, Cenotes, or other site like Tulum in this way you won’t waste your time trying to find the way and you really will take advantage of your time an enjoy your day. But you can also rent a car and drive 150 km from Cancun or 90 km from Playa del Carmen, to get there, you need to take the highway 307 south to Tulum once you are in Tulum we recommend to go to the bathroom and buy some chips and water and then continue until the traffic light and the sign to Coba and turn to your right, follow the road for another 40 Km, that takes around 45 minutes to get to Coba.
Definitly we do not recommend to go by taxi because the cost is hi and probably you will pay the same only for the tax that the money that you will pay for a tour all inclusive.
Here you have some of the Coba Tours that you can take from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya: Tulum & Coba, Coba Mayan Encounter, Coba Xel Ha and Coba and Mayan Villages.