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  • This experience starts from the picks in the lobby of your hotel in air-conditioned vehicles in the schedule that will be previously indicated.
    We will go to the center of the Mayan jungle and know more of the wonders found in the jungle. We visit four different cenotes and meet the legends of the ALUXES, small caregivers of cenotes and the jungle, who are asked permission to enter his domain.
    We will visit four types of cenotes, located on the route of cenotes between Cancun and Puerto Morelos. Each has certain characteristics, so you will see a different landscape in each of them while doing fun and safe activities like rappelling, zip lines, snorkeling and kayaking.
    The first cenote is called Xenote FIRE:
    It is an open cenote with vertical walls, carpeted with lush plants characteristic of the region.
    Here you will take part Kayak activity where you can appreciate its emerald green color when in direct contact with sunlight.
    On leaving we opportunity to rest a few moments and take chocolate, coffee, fresh bread and fruit of the season to take power and continue the adventure.

    The second cenote is called Xenote EARTH:
    This is a real treasure hidden in a cave; It is a cavern cenote. It consists of a large vault of stalactites, and only a small opening where light filters, which when reflected in the water a light turquoise is discovered.
    Here you will take part assisted rappel activity where you feel the adrenaline down by ropes. All under the supervision of your guides are well trained to help you perform the activity safely.
    The third cenote is called Xenote WATER:
    This is a semi-open cenote, its aquatic life is what makes it attractive for snorkeling activity and also observe its diversity in fauna.
    Here feel a very special energy and will observe different shades that has water.
    The fourth and last cenote is called Xenote OLD:
    Has a cylindrical shape and vast vegetation here you can feel the energy that the sun along with the freshness of the water and the tranquility of nature.
    This makes it the ideal place to fly over the water in the Tyrolean fun place.

    Enjoy delicious food and drinks in the jungle at the end of the activities:
    Juliana soup, cold meats and cheese bar Premium quality, variety of rustic breads, salads, dressings and drinks. (Water, wine and beer)

  • Enjoy the following activities:
  • Assisted rappel: be lowered by a set of special pulleys while being assisted by our guides. All you have to do is enjoy the scenery. This activity takes place at the Cavern Cenote.
  • Zip-lines: choose between swing type zip-lines or the one where you hold a bar with your hands. Both end in a fun and refreshing splash. This activity takes place at the Ancient Cenote.
  • Snorkel: admire the underwater gardens of the Semi Open Cenote (snorkel gear is included).
  • Kayak: venture into the emerald green water of this beautiful Open Cenote, with walls covered in lush vegetation.
  • Enjoy delicious food and beverages included in your package in the middle of nature.
  • For a more comfortable experience, the tour is offered in small groups.

  • Recomendations:
    The use of life vests is mandatory during all water activities. All the activities utilize safety equipment and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Take a shower before getting into the cenote to protect the ecosystem. The tour is not recommended if you have any of the following conditions: problems with your heart, lungs or spinal column; diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy or possibility of being pregnant. The minimum age for Xenotes Oasis Maya is 6 years old. NOTE: For zip-lining a minimum height of 4.5 ft. and a minimum weight of 88 lbs are required. Children ages 6 to 11 get half off the adult ticket price (it is mandatory to present an official ID before boarding). Children taller than 4.5 ft. but under 12 years of age must present a valid ID to prove their age. Reservations cancelled with more than 2 days in advance before the booking date are subject to a 10% administrative fee; from 2-0 days or in case of no show, reservations are non-refundable. It is not possible to change the booking date on the same day of your visit. Important Information Tour available from Monday to Saturday. The activities at Xenotes Oasis Maya are suitable for children over 6 years old. Bring along your printed proof of purchase. Use comfortable beachwear and bathing suit. Bring along extra clothes. Confirm time and place of your pick-up. Avoid using makeup, sunscreen and insect repellent that affect the ecosystem of the cenotes; the two last items should be free of Benzophenone, Etilhexila, Homosalate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. Bring cash or a credit card with you to purchase souvenirs or pictures of your visit.

    Tour Includes:
  • Round trip transportation from your hotel.
  • Specialized bilingual guide during the tour.
  • Visit to four different types of cenotes.
  • Activities such as assisted rappelling, zip-lining, snorkeling, kayaking and the use of inner tubes.
  • Bottled water, coffee, chocolate, Mexican sweet bread and seasonal fruits after the first cenote.
  • Glam Picnic at lunchtime between activities: vegetable soup, premium quality cold cuts and cheese bar, variety of artisan bread, dressings, salads and drinks (fruit flavored water, wine and beer).
  • Equipment: life vest, snorkeling gear, rappel equipment, kayak and inner tubes.
  • Restrooms, dressing rooms and two towel.
    Open Cenote

  • Protected by the K'áak ' Alux (Fire), this is where you can enjoy the kayak activity.
  • Closed or Cavern Cenote

  • Lu'um (Earth) is the guardian Alux of this cenote, in which you descend by assisted rappel.
  • Semi Open Cenote

  • Its guardian is the Ha' Alux (Water) and here you can snorkel while admiring underwater gardens.
  • Ancient Cenote

  • In this cenote, cared by the Iik' Alux (Wind), you can fly over the water on fun zip-lines.

  • Departure Days: