We are a Mexican agency that counts with services to improve communication between enterprises and companies. Our services are simultaneous and consecutive translation, digital photograph, translation of documents and web pages, transcription, information transfer and sound and video equipment rental.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

This tool is used in many bilingual and multilingual congresses, conferences and meetings. The interpreters (2 in each event of more than 2 hours) work in isolated booths and the audience hears their interpretation through especial wireless equipment (transmitters, receptors and headphones) and surround sound.

Consecutive Interpretation:

In this service, the interpreters take note of the phrase and they reproduce it orally when the expositor finished of talking (paraphrase), in this case more than one interpreter could be needed. This service is useful in meetings, bilateral business, interviews, conferences, etc.

The main purpose in interpretation is to communicate through oral messages translating both languages. It requires an enormous professional training, and an excellent command of both languages, that is why we ask to the enterprise writing information about the topic, in this way the interpreters could study the subject and be well informed about it.

In this kind of interpretation, there is the service for a small group of people, such as meetings or business visits, where one interpreter will be needed to go to factories, to deal with suppliers, and customers.

Even when it is a confidential and a top secret meeting, the confidentiality will be respected by the interpreter.

Professional translators:

Our professional translators are related with the area they translate and they know the terminology (medicine, technique, financial, legal, texts), they have an excellent command of both languages (source and target language). This warranties they will not do a literal translation, the document will respect the original idea presented in the source text (language).

Our translators translate the document from Spanish into English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and vice versa. The translation characteristics are shown bellow:


The document will be translated into the required language, 80 pages by languages, per week, in the required format in CD for each document.


The translated document will respect the format of the source text.


The number of pages of the source text will be the base to make the quotation. However, 220 translated words conform one page.


We count with the needed programs, such as WORD, POWER POINT, EXCEL.



Simultaneus Interpretation Equipment

We have for you all the necessary equipment to develop an event with simultaneous interpretation needs: Wireless communication equipment, transmitters, receivers, headphones, environmental sound equipment, equipped interpreters cabins, etc; as well as additional equipment eventually required, like: lavalier lapel microphones, wireless hand microphones, screens, video projectors, laser pointers, laptops, etc.

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